Trading in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and all altcoins) entails certain risks.  Before using this site and any of the services offered, please ensure that you fully understand the possible risks and how they may impact you.  If you are not experienced financial matters, you should conduct additional research to determine whether this form of trading suits your specific risk tolerance and profile or retain the services of a financial advisor.

Trading or purchasing any financial instrument, including cryptocurrencies, may result in profit as well as losses.  Past performance of any cryptocurrency does not guarantee future results, these are considered high risk and are highly volatile.

You should not invest any capital in any crypto fund or crypto mining arrangement that you are not prepared to lose entirely.  Never risk funds required to meet your living expenses, emergency needs or retirement saving.


The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only, and you acknowledge that you will not use this information, or view this information in any way, as financial advice.


This risk disclosure cannot, and does not, disclose all possible risks, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The market for cryptocurrencies is still new. Returns are highly volatile., neither gains nor losses in this market can be guaranteed, or fully predicted in any way.
  • Transactions entered into with cryptocurrencies are irreversible. If you enter into a transaction and use the incorrect address, or send the wrong amount, you cannot get the currency back – there is no dispute resolution process.  This also applies to a fraudulent or accidental transaction that is concluded using your cryptocurrency.
  • No central bank or regulator or government backs cryptocurrencies in any way. There is no government or regulatory protection around these currencies in most countries.  Digital currencies are not legal tender.  No person/body is obliged to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and no person/body has an obligation to purchase or buy back your cryptocurrency at some future date.
  • Changes to current legislation, both locally and internationally, may affect your use, purchase, holding or transfer, as well as the value, of any cryptocurrency.
  • The market for any cryptocurrency will have varying degrees of liquidity. There is no guarantee that you will be able to buy or sell a specific amount of any cryptocurrency, at any specified time.
  • The price of cryptocurrency is determined based on market willingness to buy. If no willing buyers are available this may result in a total, permanent loss of value.
  • Cryptocurrency is fully reliant on technology and any technology failures or difficulty from digital service providers may prevent use or and access to your cryptocurrency.
  • Loss of your private wallet keys will result in total, irrecoverable loss of all cryptocurrency held in any wallet.
  • All technology dependant assets are at risk of cyber-attacks, security breaches and other cyber risks. Cryptocurrency is no different and inadequate security measures may lead to total and irrecoverable loss of your cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency may be subject to taxation or levies in your country and you are required to ensure that you meet your liabilities in this regard.